WhiteDB is dual licensed for both free-as-in-speech and free-as-in-beer


The default licence of WhiteDB is GPLv3.

Free commercial licence

If GPLv3 does not fit your needs, we provide a nonrestrictive, royalty-free commercial licence for free (as in beer).

A free licence is provided for all kinds of applications/projects except those which are distributed and marketed as database systems to be used by other developers: in the latter case you can still use GPLv3.

Please write to tanel.tammet at with the subject "WhiteDB licence" and indicate the following:

  • Name of the licensee: person or company.
  • Address and email of the licensee
  • The name of the software/project you intend to use WhiteDB for.
  • One sentence describing the purpose of the software/project.
The commercial licence will be emailed to you in a few days.